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Online Advisor

A miscarriage after falling on the stairs

I was around 8 weeks pregnant and my partner left me to go back to his ex and his son. He moved away from Scotland to England but I knew I was pregnant when he asked me to take the test and I dipped the stick into toilet water and told him it was negative.
I wasn't worried about bringing this child up myself as I had support from my family I was 18 years old but very mature for that age.
He left and one day I decided to go visit a friend in Glasgow in the wet conditions all distraught that he left me it was a quick decision.
I got to my mum's house to pack around a week's worth of clothes as I walked up 3 maybe 4 stairs I forgot my phone charger so I turned to go back down the stairs and suddenly I found myself lying on the floor I had slid and banged my back :( I never got any signs of a miscarriage so I continued with my journey very stupid of me I know. I arrived in Glasgow to end up in a lot of pain and lying on my friend's sofa. I was very sore and stressed so we decided it's time to go to the hospital where spots of blood starting showing automatically I thought the worst to be confirmed only moments later by a Doctor. "sorry there's nothing we can do, you have banged your back badly and it has affected the baby" I automatically started crying and wanting to go home. I signed myself out and got on the first train home to be met by my sister who took me to the hospital and she sat by and supported me through everything! I tries contacting my partner to be told by everyone that he doesn't care they never believed I was pregnant why would anyone make up a sick lie like this.
We are now back together and have been for 5 years and trying for another baby, not to forget the little angel that would have been if I never took this sudden urge to leave home and get away from everything. A little advice for anyone take your time and never rush around whilst pregnant as much as the bag is ment to protect the stupidest of falls can cause the worst things to happen.

Editor's Comment

It's very sad that you lost your baby, and I'm sure you grieved afterwards. It's easy to blame yourself for what happened but your fall was an accident, and it wasn't your fault. I am glad that things are now working out for you and hope you will get over your loss.

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