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The new CareConfidential (September 2011 Newsletter)

The new CareConfidential

As you may know, CareConfidential became an independent charity as from July 2011. We have spent a great deal of time since the beginning of the year in preparing for this major event.

This has involved setting up a new company, CareConfidential limited; applying for registration with The Charity Commission; setting up a board of trustees; arranging a bank account; setting up an accounting system, IT and communication systems, and many other operational undertakings. Much of this work has now been completed with several projects still underway, and the new board comprises Phil Clarke (Chairman), Elaine Davis and Howard Chapman. I have been serving as CEO since 1 July.

Despite the daunting amount of work, it has been a very exciting time for us. In particular I have found the support from both the trustees and the staff here in Basingstoke to be fantastic. We are all very grateful for all the support that we have received over the years from Care in London.

What are we doing?

We are currently in the process of arranging our annual conference for November this year and have already taken many bookings using our new online shop facility. (If you haven’t tried it, you can now order many of the resources used by Centres online). The theme of this year’s conference will be ‘Wade in the water’ – strengthening Centres for current challenges and new opportunities that lie ahead.

Although this has been an exciting time for us there have also been some great challenges, mixed with a degree of uncertainty about the future. We believe however that this is all part of maturing as a charity in our own right.

Where are we heading?

With the proposed reforms to the Health and Social Care Bill in parliament, we recognise the opportunity for the commissioning of local Centres so they routinely receive referrals from local GPs, under the Conservative Party’s Big Society agenda.

Our vision for the future is to work with Centres to support and equip them to meet the demands of this exciting challenge. Although this is still some time away yet, we have a great deal to do.

Our desire is that any client visiting any CareConfidential affiliated Centre in the UK will receive a consistently high-quality level of care and support.

We are looking for a way to provide accreditation of the standards of training, advice and counselling in all Centres, together with meeting the Information  Standard required by the Department of Health for all our leaflets and publications. We have already started to thoroughly overhaul all our materials, both for training and publication.

There has been a great deal in the press recently regarding advice and counselling for women considering termination. ‘Mystery shoppers’ have been sent to test a range of organisations, including the major abortion providers and different advice services. One reported that some of these visits had been very unsatisfactory experiences. However, after their visit to Choices Islington, the comment from the researcher was:

“Although it’s impossible to say whether every CareConfidential counsellor would be as balanced, it was the first session I left feeling equipped to make my own decision. Had I really been pregnant, I would have considered keeping the baby, without feeling pressured to do so”.
She added:
“My session with Choices Islington had shown that a Christian–based charity can give fair–minded, compassionate and balanced guidance”.

In particular the stance of CareConfidential has come under scrutiny. Are we pro-life or pro-choice? How are we funded?

We don’t want to be labeled or have to fit into any particular box. Our response is:
We listen, we care and we support.

Jenny Baines and Celia Wyatt have both been interviewed on the radio and have done really well in avoiding confrontation, addressing the questions asked and representing the work of CareConfidential brilliantly. Click this link to listen to Jenny Baines on the radio. You can also click here to read our September Newsletter Story

We need your help

As you might imagine, running a charity such as CareConfidential costs a great deal of money. Some people who have supported our work through Care have transferred some or all of their support to us, for which we are very grateful.

Since our separation from Care we have had to stand on our own two feet and this means that we have to manage our own finances and fundraising.

Many people have made donations of one thousand pounds as ‘Founding Fathers’ of the new charity and these donations have helped us to set up our new organisation.

We would now like to give you the opportunity to partner with us in making a monthly commitment to our vision for CareConfidential and the work we are embarking on. We are looking for at least 1000 people to commit to regular support – people who believe in what we are doing and feel they want to be part of it. Would you like to be ‘One–in–a–Thousand’?

Click here to download a standing order form, and you will then be added to the list of One–in–a–Thousand.

To show my appreciation for our first 1000 regular donors to this new charity, CareConfidential, I would like to create a piece of art that contains the names of all these people who have agreed to help us at this critical point at the start of our journey.
Remember to let us know if you do not want your name to be added to this artwork, you can check the box on the standing order form to opt out.

With warm wishes to you all

Paul Staley

We are not able to refer directly for termination. We offer clients information on all the options and are well resourced to provide both immediate and long term support as necessary, directing to other agencies as appropriate.
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